Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hey! Now you can listen to my third CD; Jazzstory for free, right here:

Please share with everyone you know that likes music. (does anyone not like music?)

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The Canadian co-op quartet Jazzstory consists of guitarist Tim Posgate (who wrote all but one of the six originals performed on this disc), trumpeter Lina Allemano, bassist Rob Clutton, and drummer Jean Martin. They perform adventurous post-bop, music that leaves space and is not without melodies but is quite unpredictable. At timesAllemano's playing is a little reminiscent of Dave Douglas, while Posgate ranges from Jim Hall to rockish in tone;Clutton and Martin are very alert is support of the lead voices throughout this intriguing set. This is the type of music that grows in interest with each listen, because even after a few times, there is still more to discover. Recommended.

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