Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The sideman life!

I spent so many years (decades!) playing my own music and leading my own bands almost exclusively. These were great times, I learned a lot and made 7 CDs.

As of late I am really enjoying being a sideman. Part of the reason is because I am fortunate to work with great musicians; most of who are my good friends. This phase is also allowing me to play all my new instruments that I am working on too. In the next four days I have gigs where I play guitar (acoustic and electric), mandolin, banjo and fiddle.

Oddly enough, the Thursdays (830-930pm) I am doing with Ronley Teper at the Painted Lady on Ossington is allowing me to get back to playing some electric guitar. (yes, it has been a while) She is such a fun person to work with. She is very talented as a singer, songwriter and performer (almost in the performance art category).

Here is a  of our first week at the club:

Tonight I am playing with the Earthtones at the Rex at 930. Super fun band that brings together folk, jazz, bluegrass and more. I am playing mando and banjo. (excited about trying out my new LR Baggs mando pickup!)

I am playing a Jazz Ceilidh with Heather Bambrick on Sunday at McMichael art gallery at 130pm. I am playing acoustic guitar, banjo and fiddle on this one.

Exciting times! All I have to do now is figure out how the Olympic hockey schedule works around all this musical excitement.

No worries; I do have some of my own projects (or collectives) still. Watch for upcoming Oolong 7 shows in March!

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