Saturday, January 18, 2014

Banjo Hockey on Youtube

I am slowly uploading all my CDs to youtube so you can listen to them. Hopefully purchase them too!

You can listen to Banjo Hockey here.

If you didn't already know; it features the great jazz tuba legend Mr. Howard Johnson. He is also a killer baritone sax player and shows it on this CD.

The two other member of the hornband are amazing too and bothing making big waves these days. Lina Allemano is a great trumpet player that has released many CDs of her own. Lately she is getting lots of invites and attention in New York and Europe.

Quinsin Nachoff is a tenor player and composer with a unique voice. He is living in New York these days and making an impact on the scene there. (My old pal Andy Milne and Quinsin have been making a bunch of music together lately!)

Please share the Banjo Hockey link with others. The more that hear it the better!


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