Sunday, October 06, 2013


I never think of being central to my life but it really is. Just now I biked home from watching my son play hockey. Not only did I save $6 of ttc fares but I got exercise, had fun and interacted with other people on bikes. Tonight (if the weather permits) I will bike to my own hockey game.

Yesterday, I met for lunch with two of my oldest pals; Rob and Kenny. Kenny suggested a Thai restaurant on Bloor and we met there. On the way there on my bike I was thinking how happy I was to be out and about on my bike. I thought that I wanted to impart my happiness to my pals during lunch so they too could enjoy that type of happiness in their lives. It turns out there was no need as all three of us converged at Bloor and Spadina from different parts of the city by bike power. After all these years, we have turned out quite similar in that way. We bike.

It is something that makes you different; being a biker. It is fun to talk to other bikers on the road, at parties etc. Today a biker thanked me for my signals after making a stop and turn signal. Felt good.

Yesterday I had to pick up our other son and have him back home in 30 minutes. Bit of a panic, should I taxi, autoshare or what? No way. So many silly people driving their cars downtown there is a traffic jam on every street between here and Landsdowne. I jumped on my bike and was there and back with the boy in 20 minutes. Biking is the answer.

Biking is my freedom. It immediately makes me happy to head out on a bike journey, even if I am going somewhere I don't really want to go. Enjoy the journey, isn't that what they say?

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