Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Actors are freaks too!

These cast mates of mine in The Ballad of Weedy Peetstraw really are incredible. I don't mean just in their abilities to sing, act and dance but their commitment and passion. 

Yesterday we had a 9pm show which meant that we hadn't performed the show for more than 72 hours so...even though we have rehearsed for well over a month and already performed the show three times, they wanted to get together and run the whole 90 minute show right before the show. Seemed like not one of us was against the idea. Although, I didn't speak up because everyone else liked the idea. 

Well, it turned out was a great idea because we had a great run through (lots of laughs) and went downstairs and had one of our best shows to a full, enthusiastic house. (they even applauded my song!)

I know of three actors yesterday who did a show as well as seeing at least two, if not three other plays in the same day. (Courtney!) The festival vibe and spirit that is in Toronto's acting community is a fun thing to behold. I see a a lot of mutual respect and interest in each other's work, positivity and sincere interest in art. 

Also I have noticed that the youth movement in theatre and the arts is alive and well in a Fringe-type festival like Summerworks. It seems to me that the audience is a lot younger than what you would find at a jazz club these days or even at some of the more expensive,  plays in town. 

It is fun to visit another planet and find out how things work there. 

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