Saturday, May 11, 2013

These Days

These days I wonder if I will ever make another record. I wonder why I should bother when there are so many great records out there that i have never even heard. Take for example the Incredible String Band. I have bought a couple pieces of vinyl from this great hippy band from the early seventies. They are so interesting.

Also, I am spending considerable time working on my fiddle playing these days. I really don't know where this will lead me but it is the thing I am most compelled to do. I enjoy playing Irish music, Quebec fiddle tunes and love playing along with folk music. I do occasionally take it out and play a bit on gigs and I even have started playing in my friends jazz-fusion band.

The other day a friend described me as a banjo player and didn't even mention my guitar playing. I found this a bit odd as I have been playing professionally for more than twenty years now and I still play the guitar most every day. And yes, I love the guitar. I find my interest in music generally is as spirited and honest as ever. I can't get enough. I want to listen more. I want to practise more and I want to compose more.

With all that in mind, my priority is still my family. When my kids want to play catch in the park there is only one answer. When one of them wants to play music with me, I am there in a second. This is a part of my life that I cherish and it won't be around for ever. Music, my first love will never go away. Who knows, maybe I will even make another record some day.

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