Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tim's Toronto Tour

It occurs to me that there are lots of musicians and music industry folk in town for the International Folk Alliance Conference. Where will you all go when you want to leave the motel and see our fine city? Stay away from Front St., the CN tower is kind of cool but expensive (and on Front St.), Dundas Square is where the Eaton centre is but I wouldn't recommend that either. I would take a quick walk north up Yonge St. to College st. and turn left (West). You can go for a nice half hour walk along there. You will eventually see some parts of University of Toronto and after you pass Spadina Ave. it gets a little more fun and quirky. A must see (and coming up on your left) is Kensington Market. If you walk down Augusta off of College Street you will be in the heart of the market. There are two great used record stores on that street. One on the top on the West side and one on the bottom on the East side (just before Dundas) Sonic Boom and Paradise Bound There are lots of great used clothing stores on the next block East (parallel to Augusta) It is called Kensington Ave. (My fave used store is Shoney's on I am wearing the bright orange hoodie that I bought there yesterday!) There is a cool little music store in the market called Paul's Boutique 69 NASSAU ST. If you want to keep walking West on College you end up in Little Italy (that is where i live) There are tons of restaurants and coffee joints to keep you busy. Sneaky Dees at the corner of Bathurst and College has some cheaper, fun, fast mexican food. (bit greasy but...) Another very Toronto thing you could do is go see a hockey game! We have two pro hockey teams; The Maple Leafs play tonight in NHL action but tickets are expensive and impossible to come by. (although someone offered me one today!!) A better option would be to go see the Marlies, an AHL team (also the farm team of the Maple Leafs) I happen to know that they play Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are only $20. Every seat there is good too. It is easy to get to the game. If you take the Bathurst Street car it will take you right to the game. (from Bathurst and College) If you want a bigger adventure perhaps you should get on the Bloor Subway line and go to our best music store; The Twelth Fret. (2132 Danforth Station) Take the subway to the woodbine station. (walk a little bit east on the north side) Oh ya...who wants to go skating?!! You can rent skates, cheap at our city hall and skate on a big fun outdoor rink. Do it!! Alright, good luck. Let me know how it goes. Hope you can make it out see our band The Oolong 7 and our showcases at the conference: tim posgate (banjo) tonight (thursday) at ll50pm room #1265 and Friday room #1259 at 130am..

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