Thursday, November 15, 2012

No one told me!

Last night I went to see Gordon Lightfoot at Massey Hall. What a show! He is such a great songwriter, singer and guitarist.

I feel very fortunate that we got "comped" for the show. We sat in the second row right right in the centre. Amazing. I am far from gaining fame and fortune from my career in music up to this point but wow; do I ever get some great seats for concerts sometimes.

It turns out that my old guitar teacher; Carter Lancaster is Gordon Lightfoots guitarist and has been for the last year and a half. I was as or more excited about reuniting with Carter as I was about going to the concert. It turns out the whole thing was fantastic.

Not only was the show great, our seats were great and I had a nice chat with Carter and some of his friends after the show but I had a couple brushes with greatness. (some might argue this)

First of all, Gordon turned out to be a very friendly, cheerful mellow guy. He came and chatted with us for a few minutes. I asked him if he knew Don Cherry (as he was in attendance that night) Gordon replied that he didn't know him but Don requested Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

You probably know this if you have been reading my blog before but I am a huge hockey fan and I love Don Cherry. So when I spotted him in his seat at intermission I had to go up and ask to have our picture taken together.

I almost wore my plaid jacket that night. (really wish I did as Grapes would have loved it!)

Thanks again to Carter Lancaster for a great night and a great show.

Fame and fortune be damned; I do feel lucky to know all the great musicians I hang out with or have met in passing etc. However, I am starting to wonder if maybe there is something they all forgot to tell me: There are some tricks to winning a Juno award. If you don't know already the Junos are the Canadian sister to the Grammys.

I just found this story from last year that explains how one artist; Linda Chorney used social media etc. to get her first Grammy Nomination. Is it possible there are things like this going on in Canada and I never realized it? (after 7 CD releases!)

You really have to watch this:

So, I am not sure how Gordon Lightfoot, Don Cherry and Linda Chorney are really related but this is just what is on my mind this afternoon after my fine evening at Massey Hall.

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ps. I have a gig. I have a gig. I have a gig. The Oolong 7 are performing at the Freetimes Cafe on College Street on Wed Nov 21. Special guest: the Jessica Stuart Few

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