Friday, October 05, 2012

Kids Hockey registration is down

I just read an article about how kids hockey registration numbers are down. This makes me sad and wanting to run out in the street and tell strangers that it is the greatest game in the world. Part of this is selfish as I would not want the game the game or the rinks to disappear for my kids and their kids someday. Also, I truly want others to share the joy I get from being involved in hockey. Whether I am playing, coaching or teaching hockey skills I love every minute of it. The added bonus of course is that it is great exercise but it doesn't feel like exercise. Bauer (the biggest hockey gear company in the world) chief executive officer Ken Davis has pledged to double kids hockey enrolment by 2022. I LOVE this plan. I think Bauer should hire me to help spread the word of the Joy of Hockey (!) Already I have been spreading the word by getting the Mom's out form my Joy of Hockey classes on Thursday mornings. It is important to eliminate the negative language that surrounds amateur hockey. We always hear the words violent, expensive and time consuming. All three of these words have never been a part of my hockey experience whether it is my games or my kids games. House league hockey is an affordable, safe way to get your kids involved in the best team sport around. Competitive hockey (or "select" as it is called) can be time consuming, expensive and as the kids get older even a little bit more dangerous. Before you say no to hockey, please look into house league, recreational fun hockey leagues for your kids. There are great examples of these in every small town and big city in Canada. Drop me a line if you need more information. I will be waiting for my phone call from Bauer. I think they need ME on their team. tim posgate 416 530-0688 p.s. Heading out on my bike to my Friday morning hockey game.

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