Friday, April 13, 2012

I am not really sure if I am superstitious. I will walk under a ladder no problem. However, I feel like I am on an unlucky streak and that bad things happen in threes. I was on my way to return a rental car last weekend and I got a flat tire. I had a computer glitch this week that nearly cost me a lot of time and money. Today, I blew a tire on my bike when I was biking home from teaching at Humber College.

There you go; it's over! Bad things happen in threes. I suppose it is good to realize that none of these things are actually very bad. I am happy, healthy and with my family enjoying life here in the Big Smoke. It is is even NHL hockey playoff time which makes me quite happy. Speaking of which, I gotta go what Nashville beat Detroit and Pittsburgh beat Philadelphia. (the boys want me to set up both TVs beside each other on the main floor....we shall see)


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here's the good news; I'm back. Yup, I am going to start blogging again. I suppose I wouldn't wager on it quite yet but I feel like this is the place for me to share and think out loud and tell you about my gigs.

I recently decided I am going to chill out on the Facebook front. Many times I have considered how few of my 1000 Facebook friends actually comment on anything I post. Recently, I posted fifteen times in six days and had zero comments. It is no big deal, however the main reason I post more often than not is to entertain or inform my friends. I suppose there are people reading what I was writing or sharing but if they can't take a minute to say, Hi!, or Thanks! or Cool! etc. then I end up feeling like I am wasting my time.

Anyways, enough about that. I will be active on Twitter. I can't explain why but it is quite different. My ongoing love for my family, hockey and music will be coming through there loud and clear. You can follow me @tposgate

A lot of fun exciting music going on these days. I have a couple more Tuesdays with the Lipliners at Motel (including tonight) and the Cluttertones are working on a new recording. Some very challenging banjo music on that one.

Sorry Cousins were just invited to perform at the Toronto Jazz Festival, June 28. I have some fun ideas of things I want to try on that show. Heck, it is a jazz festival.

I have a benefit concert with some singers including Tori Hathaway for Doctors Without Borders. I am really enjoying playing electric, acoustic, lap steel, fiddle and banjo.

Been listening to lots of good music here as usual. One of our family faves right now is John Southworth and Andrew Downing's Easterween. Also, on vinyl I have the latest Punch Brothers and Springsteen. Another surprise contender is Sloan's latest record.

As you know, the mourning is over for our Maple Leafs. I hear they put an apology in the paper today to their fans. I don't accept! I am cheering for the Nashville Predators and even have a trip planned to Nashville in May hoping they will still be in the playoffs. (more on that later)

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