Wednesday, July 06, 2011

These days I find I cling to moments that make me feel youthful or even ageless. Tonight was one of those nights. Biking around on a hot summer night in Toronto (even though I had my I'm-a-Dad helmet on) was just what I needed. I bolted up to the Tranzac to try and hear David Woodhead's Confabulation with the few minutes I had before my gig. It is a fun band and I know all the guys. Unfortunately I was only able to hear the last 15 seconds of music before their break. After a little chatting with David and Rich Underhill (my hockey pal forever) I made it down to Dundas and Bathurst to play banjo at a poetry reading.

Tonight was part of the week long wake for the Scream in High Park. All three former artistic directors were going to read. I have attened almost every one of these poetry festivals over the last fifteen years or so. You may or may not know that I have also performed and recorded a fair bit with poet Peter Mcphee, the second AD in the history of the festival.

We made a record together called In the Future of Your Dream and I have played on his record and even more recently he wrote the poem Banjo Hockey inside my latest CD, of the same title.

Being in that hot, sweaty, packed bar for a poetry reading brought back memories of days gone by. Everyone is happy and there for the beer and the art. I had a couple pints and chatted with a number of friends from that scene that I am always glad to see. It was great fun playing the banjo with Peter and people seemed to love it which will never cease from making me feel good.

I beat my 12 year old home from the movie he attened with his pal but tonight I felt like I was the young one, out on the town having a good 'ol time.

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