Friday, June 24, 2011

I think I have cracked the code to exposing my kids to art events. Last night I took my 12 year old son to not one but two art events.

First, we took the streetcar and a bus down to the Distillery where my friend, amazing abstract visual artist David Urban was having an opening at Corkin Gallery
I didn't expect to know as many people as I did at the opening. Dylan was patient and willing to interact with the new adults that I introduced him to. Most of the talk was about music as it seems that all the visual artists I know (trying not to drop names) would rather be playing music. This worked well as they were interested to hear that Dylan plays guitar and has a band.

David's new paintings are an extension of his last show although they seem to have much more texture (pointed out to me by my kid) and less information in each painting. This is only on the surface as he is now using only one or two major shapes. With further viewing I noticed the detail lies more in the background including multiple subtle layers and exposed canvas offering the notion of potential infinity, echoing perhaps the great Jack Bush.

Although I managed to have a quick glass of wine while we checked out each painting we were gone in fifteen minutes as our next event had a start time. We jumped in a cab and made it to Winchester Dance Theatre just in time.

Kathleen Rea is a choreographer that i have met through occasionally playing improvised banjo and fiddle music at her Wednesday contact dance classes at Dovercourt House. (the Dance Jam!) I have followed the blog that her partner has been sharing from the perspective of living with a creative dance artist. The topic of this blog was one I thought quite interesting. Reading this really reminded me that people like Kathleen should be celebrated in our society. She is not only an artist but a presenter. She makes it all happen. Someone that puts on big shows like this; choreographing, promoting, booking halls etc. deserves attention. (hello dance critics?) It was a good piece. The Wild in Us is less than one half hour long and features young dancers (students?).

The piece has a great ensemble feel to it with a few good solo moments too. I liked the modern pop music and the way it was put together. It seemed to be essential to the choreography which is what I want from a choreographer. The themes seem to be co-operation vs conflict and how we get through it to make something beautiful. The lighting and use of floor space was creative including a few opportunities for the expression in the dancers faces to be the focus of the moment.

It seemed that Dylan enjoyed the dance as much as the art opening. We stood outside the theatre for the knitting/dance instillation for a few minutes but I could feel his attention slipping. I too was drawn to the attending this first show because it was short and inexpensive. The dance community went back inside for the second show after the knitting intermission but we got on the streetcar and headed home.

You can attend both these dance shows and the art gallery and spend much more time than we did as they both run until at least Sunday. However, if you take your kids, try the "quick art" experience. I think it works.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am excited to share a track of Sorry Cousins online today. Hope you can check it out. Even better, maybe you can leave a comment or "like" us on Facebook.

If you haven't watched the Sorry Cousins documentary scroll down for that too:


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