Thursday, June 02, 2011

hi blog reader people friends fans family banjo pickers and human beings alike,

Couple more local gigs to add to the list below. (these are nice times, so much fun music to play with friends right here in my 'hood!)

Monday night, June 6 I am playing banjo with Shannon Hoff's Don't Worry Darlin'. (I think it is with Christine Bougie, Chris banks and Nick Fraser) That is at the Magpie on Dundas and we play from 930-midnight.

Also a nice little outdoor gig for the family type is Sunday June 12, 415-5pm as part of the Bloor Festival, I am playing banjo and Telecaster with Jaron Freeman-Fox's Opposite of Everything. (on Brunswick ave just south of Bloor)

I am hoping to head out to hear Laura Repo at the Dakota tonight and later God's Gift to Yoda at the Tranzac. (both CD launches!)

Tommorrow night the Cluttertones at (banjo trumpet bass analog synth...come on!!)

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