Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Here is the latest version of my somewhat regular newsletter. Please let me know if you want to be added to my email list. (I had to rebuild it and lost a lot of addresses) contact me at: tim@guildwoodrecords.com

Hi there, welcome to my new (much smaller) email list. I won’t bore you with the details but I had to rebuild it from scratch. Hope you are happy to be on it. I usually send out about one email per month with upcoming musical activities. Please forward this to your pals who are music fans. (I will add them to the list too)

It is an exciting time right now as I have a new band called Sorry Cousins and I am playing the banjo (with Sorry Cousins + full choir) for the Canadian premiere of the Bluegrass Mass on Mothers day. It is composed by Carol Barnett and it is a very challenging and intriguing piece of music. I am quite fond of it.

I am also happy to let you know about a Cluttertones show and a fairly new collective with Rob Clutton and Lina Allemano called Being Helen. (in memory of our friend, the late great storyteller Helen Porter)

Jaron Freeman-Fox’s band the Opposite of Everything continues to perform, there have been some lineup changes but the spirits are high and the music is great. (I gret to play lots of electric guitar in this band too!)

Lately, I can often be found subbing in on banjo playing bluegrass with the Badly Bent at Fountain Industries on Dundas (at Dovercourt) on Monday nights. Best to check in on Facebook to confirm which ones I am doing.

Please check out this Mothers day concert. It is a special event that may never happen again. (30 piece choir + bluegrass band….together!) PWYC concert

Sun May 8, Sorry Cousins + Choir, Eastminister United Church , 7pm (right at Chester Subway stop) Performing a Bluegrass Mass

Tues May 17, Opposite of Everything, Lula Lounge, 8pm
Thurs May 26, Sorry Cousins, Free Times Cafe (opening for Roofhoppers), 9pm
Fri June 3, Cluttertones, Somewhere There
Sun June 5, Sorry Cousins, Tranzac (opening for Woodchoppers) 10pm
Fri June 10, Sorry Cousins, Tranzac, 730-930
Mon June 13 Being Helen, Emmet Ray (College at Dovercourt), 9pm
Sun June 19, Being Helen, Port Perry, Ontario, 7pm

Here is a really great article/review I received this month. (scroll to the bottom for Sorry Cousins mini-doc)
Happy Spring!

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