Thursday, February 10, 2011

If this is indeed my last blog from my three months in Mexico it feels like I should have some kind of big wrap up statement or something. Perhaps I should have learned something or been able to sum up this life changing experience in a clear and simple way?

I am laying in a hammock listening to a great radio show from Toronto called Abstract Index. He even interviewed a friend and fellow musician Brodie West tonight. This all made me very happy and I could almost imagine I was home again. I am really anxious to leave now. Some of you may think that I should be cherishing the last few days but there is almost an anxiety involved the major change that will be home.

For example, my day to day life will change quite drastically. Here in Mexico I often played banjo and fiddle on a beach or outside anyways. Back in Toronto I will be doing that in my little basement (can't wait!) Almost every day here we would prepare our own style of Mexican-type food that often resembled something like tacos. When I get home, we will probably eat tacos a little less often. However, there is food that we all crave; Chili comes to mind. (Don't people claim chili is a Mexican food?)

Whenever possible on this trip I spent a fair bit of time online. I suppose I do the same in Toronto. You can count on me checking my email and Facebook in the morning. (I usually try not to do that on Sundays) Also I usually end up online a bit over lunch and usually late at night.

Most days here I drank beer. (sometimes even before lunch when it got really hot) I never drink beer in the daytime in Toronto. Well...not in the early daytime... (thank you Steve Martin). However, I like to go out at night and have a pint or two of beer with my friends and hear their gigs etc.

One big difference will be that my kids will go to school. (for six hours, five days a week!) Most of you know how much I love my kids and how I have enjoyed spending so much time with them since they were born. This was one of the great things about this trip however; enough is enough. (ha!)

I suppose I learned a bit of spanish. I certainly took my calm, relaxed inner spirit to perhaps another level. However, I think this trip confirmed for me that relaxation, happiness, inspiration, creativity are mostly in your mind and your heart. One doesn't really need to be by the ocean or palm trees to find these things. Really, the search for these things is ongoing, gradual and it is hard work. I might even go so far as saying that travelling like this this could be a distraction. Perhaps it another level of learning where one needs to learn how to learn while travelling. ie. I am in a town that I don't like that much for four days; what should I do?

Big props go to my partner Julie for organizing this trip. I really didn't do anything to help plan and she did a great job (she doesn't read my blog). I know I can offer my kids lots of important things but I wouldn't have been able to pull this off the way she did.

Seven minutes left in the Abstract Index. A couple days left in this trip. Hopefully lots of interesting days to come in my city; Toronto.

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