Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On this journey to Mexico I have read more books in the first two months that I have read in the last two years.

It has been a nice coincidence that some of the books and my activities here in Mexico have been somewhat connected. Especially memorable was the transition from Tom Robbins' Still Life of the Woodpecker to my friend Larry Gaudet's Safe Haven.(Random House Canada) Robbin's Pyramid, to Larry's travels to the Greek Parthenon to the Myan ruins that we are exploring right here in our own back yard.

I really only knew Larry as a hockey Dad. However he is not just any hockey Dad as he has two kids that play and Larry is always the first to add fun, optimistic banter before and after in the kids dressing room.

Safe Haven is Larry's personal journey towards Sanctuary that mostly included his experiences in Foggy Cove Nova Scotia where he had a house built on the ocean for his family to live in over the last few years. (including one full year retreat to the house)

I could relate to so much of his personal journey with his family as I too am searching for sanctuary here in Mexico. It was both the outer more obvious family stories and the inner search for something that I relate to.

His day to day challenges with being an artist and an indivdual while bonding with his wife and kids really hits home. At times he knows he should be listening or at least more connected but his mind is elsewhere. The playful moments he describes with his kids are quite beautiful and would make anyone with or without kids a little jealous.

Also, Larry is not afraid to mention the negative parts of their seemingly idyllic life in Nova Scotia such as the occasional tension between him and his wife Alison. I laughed aloud a few times when these moments arose as he really describes them well. There is a feeling of comfort knowing that everyone goes through that.

The parts of the book I enjoyed the most took part in what feels like the present in Toronto or Nova Scotia. It is an interesting idea the way he tied in his honeymoon trip to Greece to talk about ancient sanctuary but I often wished they would be back in Foggy Cove.

Anyone who travels, has family, is considering moving out of the city to their dream-environment or wonders about sanctuary in their own life will enjoy this book.

My own search for Sanctuary continues here in Mexico however I am realizing more and more that any transformation profound effect this trip may have will be somewhere down the road after our return to the hectic Toronto that we so love and miss.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tim Posgate Trio Live 1996

A blast from the past! Thanks to Ilios for finding this and posting it on Youtube.

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