Monday, December 20, 2010

A quick post on the fly. Hotel room in Merida. We are now stationed on a horse farm for a month about an hour from here so this is a nice change.

The farm is pretty amazing. It is huge and we have our own pool. I love the big main room as there is a four second reverb and when I play fiddle in there it sounds great. (imagine?)

Once again we are quite remote so this trip doesn't seem to be much about interaction but more about solitude. I like that but it is not really what I expected.

I am reading Moby Dick right now so that probably tells you I have mucho time on my hands. In some ways it is like life back home but the kids don't go to school.

Ok, I guess I am leaving out all the cool things here like waking to the sounds of roosters every morning and having cows and goats go by our windows on a regular basis. (we went horseback riding yesterday too)

Today in Merida we tried to do a little Christmas shopping while with the kids. Not an easy job. I have been trying to tell them that this trip is our big Christmas present but I know they want to enjoy somewhat of a normal Christmas. They talk about it all the time.

I am not really in the spirit. However, I was inspired today with the idea of taking a big non perishable food shop and dropping it off with the church in our local village. I do wish I had a photo of this and all the other little villages we drive through. It is truly my fave part of this trip. The people and the houses etc. are so beautiful. However it is amazing that people live in most of these places. It makes a little more sense when you start to realize that it rarely rains here.

Dylan, my oldest son said our ranch reminds him of the house that Led Zeppellin recorded one of their later records at. I totally is quite huge with a big pool and it is just the four of us for now. We do look forward to another family of four, our friends from Toronto coming to visit us for a week there on boxing day. Hope they are in the mood to shoot pool as we play a lot of 9 ball here!

For those keeping score; I am getting fat as I seem to drink a lot of beer here. (its hot, its cheap and there is time to kill)

I have started working on my project of re recording my first CD Hoser City with bluegrass instruments. So far the jury is out; I am not sure if it is a good idea or not.

If you want more extensive info on our trip please read my wifes blog at:

Merry Christmas (I think this is my last chance online till after the big day)


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