Friday, October 08, 2010

It has been an interesting week. I was an accompanist for a Leonard Cohen Cabaret show (playing guitar no less!) and I was on the Verge of putting all of Guildwood Records' stock by the road for the garbage truck to pick up.

Perhaps I am a little off balance these days. (go figure; I am playing mostly fiddle when I am at home and I am about to go on a three month family adventure in Mexico)

It was quite fun playing the Global Cabaret Festival with all those great singers including Sienna Dahlen, Sarah Slean and Maryem Tollar. Beautiful songs that LC wrote and fun to play my new Telecaster. It was a fun band too; Rob Clutton, David Buchbinder, Dave Restivo and myself.

After the second night I had a late night gig at the Canadian Music Centre for Nuit Blanche. I played solo banjo and fiddle and even picked some scores from their library to sight read (and sight sing!)

Bright Angels by Harry Freedman, Cradle Song by Oscar Morawetz and Harbord Street by Milton Barnes.

It was quite fun as people would walk in and out and all around the building as they pleased. (i did a little strolling myself) I think the highlight was some nutty banjo/accordion improv with Tina Kiik.

Now the CDs...hmmm. Not really sure what to say other than; we have some space issues and I think the hundreds (maybe a couple thousand) of CDs that I have made have to go somewhere. With the way CD sales are going and the way my career is going as a solo artist (very slowly) I think the chances of ever selling these CDs is slim. I have started a little discussion about it on Facebook if you are interested in chiming in.!/tposgate/posts/155883871111570

I am still unsure about what I am going to do but when I went out for a walk tonight I was thinking about my next recording (hopefully will be on vinyl)

Happy Thanksgiving friends.

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