Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tonight was one of those nights where I could have done just about anything. That is one of the perks of living in Toronto, there is no limit to what you can see or do. Tonight I chose to spend my night at home. First, I went to Bay Bloor Radio and got a new needle and cartridge for one of our two active turntables. Then I went to catch the end of my older son's baseball game at Christie Pits. (that alone is always a very laid back and relaxing experience)

When he and I biked back home after his game I put the new cartridge in and we started listening to records while we ate dinner together. I had a glass of wine and we talked about the music we were listening to (Yes, Planxty etc.) and about the Kiss concert that we attended together on the previous night.

Dylan decided to start asking questions about the financial side of a concert like that; "how much do the opening bands get paid?" etc. We proceeded to talk about booking agents, managers, ticket prices, paying bands and all that fun stuff. I could see him getting really inspired and finally he said he was going to go to the basement (our home studio) and do some playing/practicing.

Almost immediately he returned and said he wanted me to teach him a song that he liked by the group Hedley on the piano. Funny thing is that he is a guitar player. So; I quickly learned the tune (glad it was in C major!) and taught it to him and he proceeded to play it on the piano and sing it into the microphone. I was so happy and proud and glad I stayed home tonight. I can't think of a much better way to spend an evening.

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