Wednesday, May 12, 2010

While I am deeply lost in the NHL hockey playoffs I am still getting my work done during the day. Today I have some excellent musicians coming over to play the new string quintet music I am writing. This will be the third time I have gathered folks to read it and I am getting a clearer picture of what this new project may entail.

Although most days start with practicing the fiddle I am very happy to be getting some work done on the banjo too. I am at a point where all the practicing I do seems to add up and contribute to whatever instrument needs to be focused in the moment. Although having said that, there is no replacing the hours that I put into the banjo yesterday. Big smiles here!

Last week I did a gig with my friend, Juno award winner Dominic Mancuso. I got up and was featured on a few tunes on the banjo. In some ways it felt like just another gig at the Lula lounge but when I was onstage I looked around and realized I was not only playing with my peers but with some of the best musicians around. (and I was on the banjo!) This was my goal originally, to be able to play that instrument on a high level with just about anyone and I feel close to achieving that goal. I have the same goal with the fiddle but I think it will be a longer time coming as it is the mother of all instruments if you ask me.

I am listening to some Planxty while I type and realizing that this beautiful Irish music is not only beautiful and complex but also my roots. I am feeling a slight pull in this direction these days so stay tuned to see what happens there. ha!

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