Sunday, April 25, 2010

I continue to work on music as seriously as ever. However, my faith and interest in the music business has certainly diminished. After more than twenty years of working professionally as a musician and most of that time and energy going into my original work I am a bit disillusioned.

I have always been one to work really hard and have booked endless Canadian tours, made seven CDs etc. etc. but I feel a need to pull back and focus on music in perhaps more of a folkloric way. In this type of specialized music that I play (ie. weird instrumental music) one needs to work very, very hard to make anything happen and even then you need someone else to come along and help you too. (ie. manager, agent, festival folks etc.)

I have always wanted some minor success only so that more people could hear my music. With the way things are in the music industry today I could probably get 1100 rather than 700 people to hear my new record if I worked extra hard, longer days, more computer time (i.e. less time for my family and my music) and I don't think that little differential is worth it to me.

I am not sure (notice each paragraph starts with "I" as any good blog should...ha) where this type of approach will lead me but I do know that I intend to play music, passionately for my entire life and I am quite sure this will help sustain this for me.

One friend recently said I was just in a renewal phase. Maybe he is right. We shall see

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