Friday, April 09, 2010

Even with these non-stop holidays (read: children not at school for march break and Easter) I am managing to get my new music finished. So happy with the way the new tunes are sounding. I am just listening to yesterdays rehearsal while I eat breky. (must blog briefly so I can fiddle a bit before my hockey game)

My big question now is whether to "workshop" this music a fair bit and try to refine both my writing and playing or just get it out the world like I continue to do.

It seems like I often compromise in order to "keep things moving" ie. play the industry game. If you don't have a new record you can't tour, can't get reviews and things slow up and stop. It also takes about a year to rehearse record press, distribute etc.

I am quite disinterested in the industry these days, mostly because it seems disinterested in me (I think). However, my joy of making music is as great as it has ever been if not greater.

The other element is that I enjoy playing other people's music more than ever before so I would like to be even busier doing that.

Okay, time to rosin up the bow.

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