Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I think I forgot to tell you about my 20 hour journey to Chicago. Feels like a long time ago now but it was only ten days ago. I went to hear my fave bluegrass band Punch Brothers. It was a great trip. Sure; I spent more than I have ever spent (including the flight) on seeing a concert but I was there with the good intentions of R and D. I did take notes for a good part of both concerts as it seemed somehow clearer to me being there in person.

I got off the plane and went straight underground thinking there was still a chance in catching the end of the Blackhawks game with a cheap scalper ticket. However, by the time I figured out the system, where I was etc. I knew it was a music-only trip. That was probably a good thing as I had already been up at 6am to coach a hockey game that morning so I knew it was going to be a long day. (btw, I am eating some of the best blue cheese I have ever tasted right now) So, I managed to make it downtown in time to wander for a couple hours before I headed out the "School House" for the concerts.

There is something about Chicago that makes you feel like the arts are a bit more in the forefront of life than Toronto. I did stumble across the Chicago Cultural centre which is a great place and caught a bit of live symphonic music and checked out a film festival (wasn't able to see any of the films)

The concerts were truly amazing as I was sitting only a foot or two away from these incredible players who I revere. I did realize that there are some great players here in Toronto that are probably as talented but Punch Brothers have a guiding light, a creative force by the name of Chris Thile. In music it is less about what you can do and more about what you DO do. ie. this same group of people without Chris would not be anywhere near as exciting.

Their new music is great too. I can't wait for the new CD (hopefully out in May) I would describe it as the Beatles meet the Miles Davis 60s Quintet.

I was back in Toronto by 11am the next morning (left 24 hours earlier) after a short sleep in an airport hotel. I don't really want to think about what it all cost but at this point it feels like it was a smart decision to do it.

I gotta get back to my cheese.

More later.

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