Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I am a bit sad that I have been spammed here on my blog. Fortunately it is in a post from a few years back and will be ignored, I hope.

I would just delete the post in question but sadly it is the one from three years and a couple months ago where I got the banjo bug. (officially) I watched a DVD of Bela Fleck playing with Edgar Myers and rushed out to Long and McQuade to buy my first set of picks. I remember it clearly; I bumped into the great Hurdy Gurdy player Ben Grossman and told him of my new interest.

Anyways, fast forward 39 months and a few days and now I consider myself a banjo player. In fact next week I have two rehearsals and four gigs in seven days. (all on the banjo)

I feel very fortunate to be part of the local and international banjo community as there are many interesting artists doing great work all over and I live in a city where there are lots of great banjoists too. (Chris Quinn and Chris Coole come to mind first!)

Once I heard a radio feature that pointed out that spam was just another way for people having trouble getting by in North America (often new immigrants) so I feel patience and forgiveness for this part of our world. Also, it allowed me to go back to this point in time and relive and maybe even celebrate my banjo life.

happy days.

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