Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am starting to take a liking to Tom Allan's voice and sense of humour on Radio two in the mornings. Unfortunately I am having a tough time getting with his music. Although, I know it is not him that chooses it.

I listen to a beautiful Violin Concerto that they are playing now on the show following and wonder why the music can't be this good all morning long. Somehow, for some reason they choose to play a lot of mediocre popular music from Canada.

I am a believer in Can Con but there is so much music being made here that is really good and interesting I don't see how they are choosing theirs. Would you go from Beethoven to Vivaldi to something lousy? In the same way; if you play Bob Dylan, Talking Heads and Radiohead don't follow it up with some new mediocre artist. I have so many friends who are making great music. (unfortunately they don't seem interested in playing instrumental music on that show...very disturbing)

If it doesn't improve soon I will surely move over to Jazz Fm or back to community radio, CIUT or CKLN for my mornings.

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