Monday, October 05, 2009

I am looking forward to my regular Monday night gig this evening at Todo (on Ossington south of Dundas). Usually it is Andrew Downing on Cello and we have a special guest. Unfortunately Andrew has Chicken Pox.

We are really getting a nice vibe going there with banjo and cello. So fun. Tonight Mike Eckert is playing Dobro and Adrian Gross is playing mandolin and guitar. I guess some might call it jazz grass. Should be a bit of everything. (although I think we will keep it instrumental)

Last night we recorded with the Shinhackers. There is talk of releasing a 45. Yup; a 45rpm. It would be cool, fun, funny, useless, weird and exciting. I always wanted to press some vinyl so this could be my chance.

I do wish I was able to have some second tries on my banjo breaks as I am really not a "one-take" banjoist quite yet. It was a great room for us though. Lenny Solomon bought a house with a huge basement studio with a grand piano, many isolation booths etc. Keep it in mind for Toronto jazz recordings.

Now I am off to the Mac store to see what is up with this laptop.

later gator.

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