Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A great part of being a Canadian is the change in the seasons. Sure, I know others get this too but somehow it seems defining for us Hosers. I love the signs of fall that include the beginning of hockey season and the kids back to school. I have already played my first game of the season and the Leafs have their first pre-season game tonight too.

The film festival here in Toronto marks time passing too and I was happy to find out that a studio session I did ended up in the new Atom Egoyan film. I am amazed at how quickly that happens. It was the beginning of summer I did that and here it is on the big screens. I am a fan of Atom's and look forward to seeing it.

He sat beside me at a local cafe recently and although we never met before I asked him if my guitar playing was indeed in the film and he confirmed it for me. (I was also surprised that he would know that, but I guess it is HIS film)

Tonight I am continuing my recent beginnings as a mandolin player and have chosen a tough klezmer tune that I transcribed from a David Grisman/Andy Statman recording. It will be fun to play at Mezzeta with Andrew Downing and David Buchbinder as it has been a long time since I have even been there.

I remember the joy in watching Ed Bickert perform there a number of times.

Don't forget you can hear Andrew Downing on the cello and myself playing the banjo every Monday night at TODO on Ossington just south of Dundas. We play two sets, starting at 9pm.


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