Thursday, July 23, 2009

Since i am not doing the theatre show I was going to do this summer I have been practising the mandolin on my own. Playing Bach makes you feel good. I would highly recommend it.

If you can arrange a rainy day with your wife taking the kids out for a bit that is a bonus too!

I am so inspired to play these days it is great. Of course, I don't have the free time to practise as I would like but I am not complaining as I love hanging out with my kids. I am hoping to convince them to go to the AGO with me later today.

I am trying to figure out the Twitter world as you can see on the sidebar of this blog. I am still really new to it and realize I am not really sure what I want out of it. I suppose, I want to use it to draw people in to my music but perhaps I need to figure out where I want them to go.

do you think this blog is a good place to find out more about me? ie. Is it obvious that the links can get you to my Guildwood Records website etc?

Better get back to it as the family will be busting through the door any minute now.

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