Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am playing many kinds of music these days and I love that. Today we were rehearsing with the Klezmer trio of David Buchbinder. The music is beautiful and exciting and very new for me. It is a music where there is much subtlety and attention to detail is necessary but the groove and the excitement factor are very hight too.

This is something that is coming up in a lot of the music I am playing. That is, finding a balance between finess and energy. Detail v.s. is tricky. Perhaps I am more interested in this topic because I am playing the banjo and some of these musical questions are unanswered for me still on that instrument. I don't have to think about this so much on guitar as it is becomes second nature.

I fall into a trap sometimes and think "what would Bela Fleck do in this musical situation?" This is dangerous as he has such great technique and so much experience that I will always be disappointed with how I compare to a banjoist of his experience. Although, I try to remember that I too have many experiences that are unique and valuable.

anyways, just thinking out loud after that rehearsal and now I need to help out at my Son's birthday party...ten years old!! yeehah!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey there, yup looks like a fun week...I am performing with Ronley's Lipliners on Wednesday at 10pm at the Tranzac, thursday and Friday the Shinhackers have their regular gigs at the Eton and then the Cluck Grunt and Low and Sunday I am playing at Kaplansky's Deli (upstairs in the Monarch tavern at 3pm)

Now THAT is a fun week.

banjo bob

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