Saturday, March 21, 2009

It has been a crazy March break here in Toronto. When I see how long it has been since I posted I know I have been very busy. Saw Romeo and Juliet last night and was deeply inspired. I love ballet and realize how luck I am to live in Toronto, the home of our National Ballet.

I am going to have to find a great version of Prokofiev's R and beautiful. The tuba playing and writing was outstanding. It was fun to meet the Tubist Sasha Johnson at a Shinhackers gig last week who plays for the for the ballet . He is a great guy and I am so happy for him having that amazing gig.

He told me a great story about hearing us play with Howard Johnson in Montreal a few summers back and meeting Howard after the show and hanging out etc.

I would go see it again tonight. It was so compelling in so many ways. The costumes and sets were beautiful and the dancing was great. The choreography was beautiful and had the same shapes and angles that I see in beautiful architecture and in nature.

I am a lucky guy and I am reminded that living in Toronto is a real pleasure.

p.s. Go Leafs go!

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