Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Pretty good birthday as I am playing hockey this morning and playing the Banjo with the Shinhackers tonight. Hope to see you there. (no presents please...but I do accept cash....thanks Dad)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I hope you get a kick out of a behind the scenes look at a Shinhackers rehearsal.

Scrap your 12 year old car and get $300 towards a new bicycle. It's true! This is what I just heard an auto executive say on the radio this morning with Andy Barrie (CBC radio One)

They laughed at it like it was silly.

I highly recommend you cash in your old junker for a new bike. We have never been so happy since we got rid of our car (about three years ago) and began renting and using Autoshare when necessary.

People that live in downtown Toronto really don't need a car most of the time. You really won't believe it until you try it. It is a stress eliminator for sure. You won't have those nervous visits to the mechanic, no more searching (and paying) for parking and you won't have to worry about the RIDE program when you have that second pint of beer.

Get rid of your car and get a new bike. You will be smiling more than ever.


Monday, March 09, 2009

Trucker, the guitarist and singer in the Shinhackers has been sending out a semi-regular email called the Shinhacker News. Here is his latest edition. He is pretty funny...

The Shinhacker News

On 9-Mar-09, at 10:48 PM, Johann Lotter wrote:

The latest exciting development in Shinhacker lore is the establishment of the British Columbia Shinhacker Centre (BCSC) retreat creation manifesto. This Centre, once planned and built will house the Shinhackers and their families and be a centre of excellence for organic-granola-hippy types to eat, drink, work, and play music as well as grow food and other crops, brew beer and distill liquor in an atmosphere of righteous excellence and down home easy livin'. Stay tuned.

After a long period of courting, we have finally nailed down a date at the Cluck, Grunt and Low . This Louisiana B-B-Q joint has awesome food and now they have an awesome bluegrass band to go with it. It's on just about every TTC route imaginable and will be a hell of a night. The kitchen will be open till midnight to accommodate late night snacking. This is kind of our audition at this place, so if you're thinking of coming out to hear us, this is the time. And that night, Friday the 13th, is Limb Dodgin's birthday! Come out and celebrate!

In case you haven't been round lately, Trucker's been for a long overdue session at the Corn Syrup Spa and Beauty Parlour. Check him out!

Friday, March 13th
The Cluck Grunt and Low
362 Bloor St W.
(just west of Spadina)

This event is free!

We have three more Sundays this month at the Gem. Thanks for the great turnout at the first two and we hope to see you there soon. Good food and beer in a cool little bar.

Sunday in March
@ the Gem
1159 Davenport Rd
(just west of Ossington)


The Shinhackers are:

Limb Dodgin' - banjo and birthday boy
Chay N. Sawin' - fiddle
Trucker - guitar

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