Saturday, January 10, 2009

things aren't looking so fine with the rink tonight. It is snowing so I am not sure if I should be watering it or not. Also, I made the bonehead move of stepping on it to clear some snow (yes, I went through)

I am also still unsure if I can get water to spread out enough to make ice right across with the un-level situation I have created.

Also, during this big day of hockey (both boys had games) it occured to me that I should get in touch with the Nashville Predators and let them know about my upcoming CD release called Banjo Hockey. (yup, always thinking about music and usually even a little business in there somewhere too)

Stay tuned for the ice rink saga...guess I am heading out into the snow.


Friday, January 09, 2009

I am having my Walter Gretzky moment tonight. I am living one of my dreams and ATTEMPTING to build an outdoor ice rink. We live beside a park so I am building it right outside or living room window so if all goes well we can watch the kids skate.

I am still not sure this is going to work. I bought the kit from Crappy Tire and others have told me that is the way to go. After 3.5 hours all I can tell is that the ground is not level where I have chosen to build.

the guys at my hockey game today told me that is the key so maybe I am SOL.

It is a full moon or close to it so it is pretty magical out there. I saw a couple racoons and the silence is the best part.

Now I am warm again and will go back out and continue with the hose. I figure I have at least a couple more hours out there tonight.

I really can't stop smiling...maybe my lips are frozen like this.


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