Friday, January 02, 2009

I am starting to think of resolutions. It is always a little slow for me as the new year usually sinks in rather than causing a big crash.

I was reading James Hale's Blog today and his idea of a focused listening period seems like a good one. (he did Braxton last year and will do Cecil this year)

In a time where people stay on one idea or concept for such a short period of time this idea works for me.

I suppose I need to work on worry less about what others think of my work. I heard Linda Berry (the cartoonist) saying that the only two things most artists think about are: Is my work any good and does it suck? (haha!)

this can be true and is certainly a hurdle to get over on many levels. I also heard an interview with the bassist from a british band called Blur (I don't know their music) but the way he has parlayed his career into a multi-faceted thing inspired me. He is a writer of many blogs for many papers etc. he makes cheese, he is a stay at home dad and I think he still makes music too. (I would of course want to play music first and foremost but it is easier said than done in this Country)

Thanks to Jian Ghomeshi for the above interviews I mentioned. I really think CBC's Q is one of the better things on the radio these days. Good work! (I even watched it on youtube and that is cool too)

Oh yes, finally I resolve not to play banjo drunk at parties. (I can pull it off on the guitar but something about the banjo...forget it!)


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hi folks,
hope you are having a great holiday. I am relaxing with my wife's family in Quebec. I did bring and banjo and there has been lots of pickin here! (playing some mandolin too)

It is a bit disapointing that we have rain here now on top of the massive amounts of snow. I did manage to get in one game of outdoor shinny hockey and I am watching the World Junior tournament.

We are doing the long drive home tommorrow and I look forward to getting back into my practice schedule. Holidays are fun but sometimes it seems like there is more fun to had in the regular times of the year.

As they say; it's all good! The kids are happy and Julie is happy so I am happy.


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