Wednesday, November 26, 2008

hi folks, bloggers, friends, neighbors and banjo pickers...trying to be all inclusive. Did I leave you out?...sorry.

I am having a blast these days. Rehearsing a ton with my bluegrass trio. It is so nice to have a fun project to work on while I take care of the business for the new Hornband Cd, tour etc.

We are picking mostly well know tunes and some unique ones and a bit of original music. All we need is a name. Right now we are called Corn Syrup Spa.

None of us really like that name but it just happened. It is not bad though...three people, three words..hmmm. Maybe that is all it has going for it.

We are playing a house party in Guelph on Saturday night. Please drop me a note if you want an invitation.

Any suggestions for a name for a bluegrass trio. I don't think we want something obvious like; Garrison Creek. (maybe we do?)


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