Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It is a very exciting time hence the reason I have been too busy to blog. (don't forget hockey season has started too)

I have been deep in the trenches of making this new Hornband CD and today Jean Martin and I finally finished mixing. What a great guy to work with; amazing ears, unlimited creative ideas and always fun to be around.

In the next couple days we are finishing up the artwork. I should say that One Girl Media and Design is doing that. (I am pretty excited with the rough drafts I have seen!) Now I am going to master the recording with Toronto's top mastering guy known simply as Fedge. For years Fedge, or Jeff Elliott worked at Reaction studios and now he has his own mastering studio.

I thought it would be a bit weird releasing this CD on a Vancouver label but email is so immediate and easy that it has been no problem. Black Hen Music is a great label and the owner; Steve Dawson is a great music biz guy but also a fantastic musician. (check out his new CD waiting for the Lights to Come Up)

After this is all said and done (another day or two) I am back at the banjo full time. I have been practising a lot but the consistency is the key.

If you are a late night person I hope you can come out and see Ronley Teper's Lipliners at the Tranzac on Thursday night. We go on at llpm. The best way I can describe her is a female Tom Waits...greats songs and very cool band.

I am excited about going to hear Zappa Plays Zappa tommorrow night across the street at the Mod Club. I didn't know it would be in such busy times when I bought the tickets but I am glad I did. The last time we saw them I was not disappointed.


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