Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am waking up today (as I have been doing for a couple weeks) in Petrolia Ontario. You may never have heard of this town but it is famous for having the first commercial oil well in North America and perhaps even the first real "gusher".

I am here to play the banjo for the musical Oil Rush, celebrating the 150th anniversary of their discovery of oil.

It is quite something to be working on a show. I have never really done anything like this before but jumped at the chance to play banjo every day. We often do two shows a day and I am practicing when we are not performing. (I got a membership at the gym too)

The whole idea of being part of a large cast (even though we are not on stage) is really fun. This is a great group of people with some fantastic actors and the team spirit is high.

There is really only one pub in town so we all gather at the Squire after shows and talk through the fun, excting and weird things that happened. Then I sleep, wake up, and practice banjo until it is time to go to work (and play the banjo) again.

Life is good.


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