Sunday, August 03, 2008

This summer's banjo adventures continue in full gear.

I am just back from an amazing 24 hours at the Blue Skies festival with Howard and the Hornband. What a great time. This festival should be added to your calendar for next summer for sure (no website...but sells out every year!)

The rain made the whole camping/folk festival extra exciting but the volunteers did such a great job taking care of the stage and the artists that everything worked out.

We started our concert on the mainstage without a PA as the lightning was still threatening. When the PA came on after a few tunes, the highly receptive Blue Skies music fans cheered and it was a really fun set. This was the first time we ever tried doing a whole show with Howard only on Tuba and it worked. (the damn airlines are killing us on overweight when he brings the tuba and bari)

I met a lot of great folks there and reconnected with some from the past too. (always fun to see people who are my neighbors in Toronto in a different setting too)

Now I am off to play banjo in a Theatre production called Oil Rush in Petrolia Ontario...for a month! It will be fun to focus on just the banjo for this month.

I am hoping to get to finishing up some editing on the new Hornband Cd to and will be back in Toronto by the end of August to begin mixing in early September.

Until then...okay, maybe there is an internet cafe out there...never know.

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