Sunday, July 06, 2008

Oh so good to be in Newfoundland. St. John's seems like a magical place if you ask me.

The locals I have met (not a hard thing to do) tell me it can be a hard place to live in the winter months (they claim that is about ten months a year) but that I am here at the right time.

It is fun to be in a house where I am responsible for an old dog. I have never really been a dog person but taking care of old Stu has been a fun thing and a learning experience for sure. One is never really alone when they are with a dog. I know that seems obvious but I just never really thought about it.

There are so many interesting people from here and visiting here right now that I can't take three steps without bumping into someone I know or heard perform etc.

I have already eaten at my fave St.John's restaurant called International Flavours. (actually eaten there twice already in just two days) She remembered me from my last visit here five years amazing.

We played our first concert last night and it was recorded for the CBC. I wish they recorded our second of two shows as it is always a little better when we haven't performed in a while but it went ok regardless.

I will check in again later in the week!
p.s. very fun to hang out with bassist Lisle Ellis last night at the ship...he sounded great and such a fun guy to be around.

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