Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hurray!!..I am off to Newfoundland tommorrow for the Sound Symposium with Howard Johnson and my Hornband (Lina Allemano and Quinsin Nachoff!)...for a whole week!

I can't wait to perform, meet lots of new folks and play lots of banjo.

Our first Sound Symposium concert is Saturday July 5 at 830pm at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. Johns. We are performing again on Monday at 8pm at the LSPU Hall.

I hope I get to do some playing with other visiting artists as there are lots of great people coming from all over. Ironically, some of the folks I would like to play with live right in my neighborhood but I rarely see them and never have the chance to play.

Hoping to post some updates from the Rock...stay tuned.

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