Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am thinking about starting an email newsletter or something like that as i want an outlet to let people know about all the fun shows I am doing as a sideman these days.

Case in point; tommorrow night at Grafittis in the Kensington Market. I am performing with Bill Wood at 10pm. I am playing mostly banjo but should be rocking it up as the night goes on with a little electric guitar, slide etc.

That's it for now...I am open to suggestions regarding to-newsletter or not-to-newsletter...I always appreciate your input.


p.s. by the way...I am still hoping to get back to the podcasting....I know, I know it is taking forever...sorry.

Monday, April 21, 2008

hey bluegrass pickers and fans...did you know about the jam on Sunday nights at the Gladstone. It is hosted by Matt Elwood (sp?) He is a nice guy and a fine picker who knows lots of tunes. It is so laid back and sometimes it is really quiet and sometimes packed with great musicians.

If you get there early you can hear the Backstabbers who finish around 7pm (I think).

Spread the word and come on down. (unfortunately I think it might not be happening on this coming Sunday but after that I think it will be on!)


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