Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just finished watching the recent film made by American media manipulator, improviser, composer, rock band freaks; Negativland.. It is called Our Favorite Things. It was quite fun to watch. They are into recycling music, video, visual art etc. and creating art the quite blatantly comments on the world around them. I like them...they are smart, funny and talented.

If you know Toronto composer, performer John Oswald you will often hear his name come up when Negativland are mentioned and vice versa.

Then...I went and explored negativland (and John) on Youtube for a bit...did find one decent interview with one of the Negativland can find that one yourself.


I played a fun session today with bassist Pete Johnston. We are going to do a banjo trio gig on Valentines day opening for the River Pilots at the Central.

It is fun to try some of my new tunes and some oldies with bass, drums and banjo. Even more exciting is that we are going to play with 15 yr old drummer Julian Clark. I have been teaching him some lessons off and on for a few years now and he is really sounding good time like the present.

Stay tuned here for more details.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wow...I wonder how long it has been this simple to add photos to blogger?...I gave up on that years ago till one of my blog friends mentioned how SHE did it. (thanks Net!)

Here is our best snowfort of the year so far...hard to get enough snow for a fort here in the big smoke. Oh, this is for way way more photos!

TonightI had fun putting together this short video of live hornband clips while I watched Hockey Night in Canada.

Thanks again to my friend Corry Sobol for shooting some video at our Hugh's Room gig. The Tim Posgate Hornband featuring Howard Johnson also includes Quinsin Nachoff and Lina Allemao.

hope you like it!

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