Friday, February 01, 2008

Sweet...snowed-in with a banjo!

I got the kids to school in the crazy windy snow storm and just found out Humber College is closed for the day. That means, all I have to do is pick at the banjo all day...yeehah!

It is fun to live in Canada.
p.s. I haven't had a cup of coffee since Monday (maybe even Sunday?) I can't shake this chest cold and trying to keep the vitamin C in me...good to know I am not really addicted.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Here is some footage my friend Corry Sobol shot at the Hugh's Room gig we did here in Toronto last week. This is called Going to the Island. I wrote this just before we went out west and played at the Vancouver Island Music Festival (a very cool festival!!)

Lina Allemano/trumpet, Quinsin Nachoff/clarinet, Howard Johnson/tuba and ME....banjo!

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