Saturday, January 12, 2008

What a day...It was fun rappin with my friends on a panel about the internet and jazz today at the conference. It was a good reminder for me to do at least a little bit of self editing. You never know who is going to show up at these things and for it was the editor of Downbeat Magazine. (while we were discussing the potential death of magazines because of the internet!)

The gig was fun too. I was very happy with the turnout and the reaction from the listeners (friendly listeners) The band sounded good even though Lina was really sick and nearly didn't make it.

Howard still always plays things that suprise and delight me...every night, every gig.

The new tunes worked for the most part...we had a couple mini-trainwrecks but generally it was good. I certainly cannot compensate for odd sound, or technical problems etc. on a banjo the way I can on a guitar (after gigging for 25 years I am getting a handle on that)

Not crazy about the way I played today but there was some feedback that kept my spirits up.

Hope to see you at Hughs Room tommorrow...same band, same bat-channe. (830pm, two sets)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well well well...I wake up today and there is a man playing tuba in my living room. hey...thats Howard Johnson! Yup, we started rehearsals today and if I dare say so; it is sounding pretty good. The banjo and tuba were meant to be together...although you would never know it with all the banjo jokes I have to put up with.

Lina and Quinsin are both very busy at the IAJE conference as they are in high demand. I feel lucky to have all these guys in the band and that they make my music a priority.

Might hit the sack early, wake up and have a little RED RIVER cereal (that is for you Nancy...haha). Would be fun to be hanging at the IAJE but both Howard and I are wiped after a full day of rehearsing. (yah, I was up with the kids as usual at 7am today too)

Hope to see all you IAJE folks on Saturday...apparently our posters and flyers have the wrong room on them.

We are at the IMPERIAL ROOM, Royal York hotel Saturday April 12, 3pm. (gives you time to get over to the Oscar Peterson tribute at Massey Hall after)

ps. don't forget you can catch us (with Howard!) at Hughs Room on Sunday January 13, 830pm.

Monday, January 07, 2008

For those of you who like it formal; here is the press release for the upcoming Hornband shows. Pretty cool to be playing the Six String Nation Guitar. Read more about it

For Immediate Release January 4, 2008

Posgate makes Canadian guitar connection with American tuba legend!

Even though critically acclaimed jazz guitarist Tim Posgate will be wearing a banjo for the most part this week during his concerts and recording sessions he is excited about announcing that he will be playing Jowi Taylor’s Six String Nation guitar at Hugh’s Room. (

“I have always been interested in this guitar and now a chance to play it in concert with our friend from the States; Howard Johnson is very special.”

Jazz tuba legend Howard Johnson has played on over four hundred recordings as a sideman with a list of artists including Charles Mingus, Jaco Pastorius, Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Taj Mahal and the Band and will be here with Torontonians Lina Allemano and Quinsin Nachoff in the Tim Posgate Hornband

You can hear them perform in concert in a great listening environment when they make their Hugh’s Room debut on Sunday January 13.

Also, the International Association of Jazz Educators is hosting its annual conference in Toronto this year. (Wednesday through Saturday) Potentially, one of the most interesting concerts will be the Tim Posgate Hornband featuring Howard Johnson on Saturday January 12. (3pm Royal York Hotel)

Guitarist Tim Posgate has been performed at all the major Canadian jazz festivals in support of his first six Cds and is heading into the studio with his Hornband right after the IAJE conference to make their second Cd (to be titled “Banjo Hockey!”).

“The new music for the band includes as much or more banjo as it does guitar,” says Posgate. “I am in love with that instrument!”

The Six String Nation Guitar combines pieces of wood from Pierre Trudeau's canoe paddles, Paul Henderson's hockey stick, the Golden Spruce and the St. Boniface museum where Louis Riel went to school, as well as dozens of other pieces of Canadian history.
Tim Posgate Hornband Featuring Howard Johnson (Mingus, Miles, The Band, Gil Evans)W/ Lina Allemano: trumpet and Quinsin Nachoff: tenor sax, clarinet
Howard Johnson: tuba, bari sax, Tim Posgate: guitar, banjo

Saturday January 12, 3pm Constellation Ballroom, Royal York Hotel (IAJE conference pass-holders only)

Sunday January 13 830pm Hugh’s Room 2261 Dundas St. W, doors open at 8pm.
Reservations recommended call: (416) 531-6604
Tickets $20 in advance, $22 at the door, $17 for students
contact Tim Posgate: phone: 416 530-0688

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hi there. I have been using Allegro which is one from the top in Finale's notation software packages...I am getting half decent at the basics but I really can't imagine going much beyond what I know now...forget it. (I would rather be doing just about anything than reading these long, pdf help file, tutorials etc.)

As an example...I finally found out how to add a metronome marking to a chart. I can't imagine doing this each time, and then memorizing it so you don't have to look it up each time. Forget it...I will write it on in pen.

p.s. There goes my Finale endorsement but seriously...I would check out the competitors.

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