Tuesday, December 11, 2007

At a time when most people "ramp-up" their social lives I am heading in the opposite direction this year. It wasn't really the way I wanted it to turn out of course. The idea of making a new recording almost right after Christmas seemed like a good decision at the time. The IAJE conference invited us to perform on January 12 so I thought if Howard Johnson is coming to town for that gig we may as well do a bunch of stuff. (yes, we are playing a show open to the public on January 13 at Hughs Room)

I too am feeling an urge to see more friends, get in touch with those I feel like I have missed for almost a year etc. I get inspired to call up musician friends for a jam like we haven't done in five years, have a rehearsal with some extra social perks (read beer...haha) etc. and I really can't do it.

I am not meaning to complain at all but my life is set up in such a way now that I can get a lot done if I am very disciplined. I know the kids will be home from school by 3pm and that is NOT a full days work. (especially if I plan to go to yoga as I do every tuesday and hockey on Friday)

As usual, I work at night too but there has been lots of gigs lately which makes it more tricky. Then of course, the "energy well" runs dry after a late night, early morning and busy day so I end up being reasonable and going to bed by midnight.

Again, I am not complaining as I feel that we almost don't need a holiday here in our house as we lead such fortunate lives. Of course this opens the charity topic...I have been trying to find a family type thing to work on besides adding to food drives etc. and have come up empty...any suggestions?

I am a lucky guy.

Damn, I have to leave for yoga in one hour...gotta go.

p.s. I am playing at the Gem on Davenport with Bill Wood on Wednesday December 12 from 730-9pm and with poet Peter McPhee at the Cervejaria on College just west of Ossington on Thursday December 13. (I don't know the details yet but I LOVE gigs I can walk to!)

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