Wednesday, November 14, 2007

While I listen to Ron Gaskin on CKLN this morning I am typing to you as part of a few things I needed to do before I get to practising the banjo.

I do wonder how relevant this blog will remain now that I am keeping a very updated Facebook page. I suppose it is rare that I write this many words over there.

Are you a facebook person...look me up!...I want to be your "friend".

I am looking forward to seeing the documentary Writers Bloc: a documentary tommorrow (thursday) evening. Heck, I am in it!!

I got to improvise on the banjo while watching an oscillospope read the voice and sounds of poet Jordan Scott. It is kind of cool as we could not hear him but only see this representation of his voice. We will be doing it live at the launch too.

The other artists in the film apparently achieve something weird and wacky like this that THEY have always wanted to attempt. Sorry...don't know much more.

For all the info you can see the poster here or if facebook is more your style you can check it out here

p.s. what's up with those Leafs?....I think they are looking pretty good but just can't get a whole two points. This can only go on for so long.

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