Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What I thought was going to be a mediocre or worse kind of morning turned out to be pretty great. I got up and practised banjo for an hour and a half and headed off to the dentis to have a cracked tooth repaired (yuck!) I got there to find out that it was just a build up on the too, like a big stain. No charge, free to go! Yaaaahhhh!

Of course I went directly to She Said Boom across the street to peruse the used record and Cd bins. Got some good stuff baby; Planxty (a fantastic irish group I have been wanting to find for almost a year), John Lennon's Double Fantasy (with Howard Johnson on horns!) and a Johnny Cash record called A Thing Called Love...all that for $3. Yeeha!!

I also picked up a really inexpensive Cd copy of the latest Alison Krauss and Union Station ( i really like Ron Blocks banjo playing and they are a great band)...I guess this is sort of like my guilty pleasure.

I am listening to Planxty as I bid you Adieu...I think I might need a new needle.


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