Saturday, October 13, 2007

I really faded quickly since I got back into blogging. Oh well, I think it is sort of telling for me. Perhaps it uncovers the true reason for blogging; commercial, career oriented marketing. I think it is fun, creative and all that stuff for sure but really I am not writing to you as I have not a gig to tell you about. Yes, I am doing gigs but I am not the leader, it is not my music. I am working hard on my new music to be recorded in January. It will all ramp up again (for the seventh time...) but for many times can I tell you about going to the basement, practising banjo and writing music.

Sure we can talk about the Leafs and how good they looked this week or how much fun (most of the time) I have chasing my boys around but you have heard it all before. No?

Thanks for reading regardless and I will let you know if there is anything really worth writing about.

p.s. In the meantime...send me a cheque and I will sell you one of my old Cds...haha...heck, I have six of them.

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