Thursday, July 12, 2007

Okay...I know it is weird but I really have almost completely stopped blogging because I don't want to hit 1000 posts without some kind of celebration or is almost too late. (this is #999......)

Found an old friend named Michael Bain on Myspace and he has a very cool new documentary about his highschool jazz fusion band called Banood. The film is called Fighting in Sunshine.

It is a common story, we all have those great memories, press clippings, videos etc. from our highschool band but how many people turn it into a real documentary...way to go Michael!!

I look forward to seeing the film. You can see the trailer for it on their Myspace page.

For those of you who I stay in touch with (hmmm, kind of a one way me through this blog, hopefully you will be glad to know I am hard at work on writing music for the new Hornband recording. If you read here often you will not be suprised to know that there will be a lot of banjo on this record...actually, the working title for the CD is Banjo Hockey. (need I say more?)

It is a little slow going in the basement though as I am learning how to use the Finale program called Allegro (yes...Howard Lina and Quinsin will finally be able to read my charts!) It is quite a tool but there is quite a steep learning curve that goes with it.

Other than that, things are going well...the usual, boys playing soccer, riding bikes, playing in the park, swimming and we count our blessings each morning we look at these great kids and this cherished life we get to live.

Trying not to take anything for granted yet trying not to think too much as well...

see you at 1000.

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