Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Last night was fun at the Tranzac with the Cluttertones. It felt like the banjo is starting to really become a part of what I can offer to the music.

The new challenge with playing so much acoustic guitar and banjo is making sure I have a good sound on stage (monitors) and in the room through the P.A. This is especially challenging if there is no sound tech on a gig.

It is easy when it is truly is an example my friend Mark Kett posted on Youtube.

By the way, Mark is an amazing guitar builder and you can (and should!) check out what he is all about at a website all about building guitars that Mark created called Sound Salon.

Apparently Loverboy (Canadian super rockers from the 80's) are back at it so we couldn't get them for this cafe spot but my friend Bill Wood used to play in the hit group Eye Eye (there's a blast from the past eh?) and after some time off and a decade or so of focusing on his family life he is back with a really strong new CD.

So, after all is Bill and I at our fave cafe playing a song off his new Cd.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Don't forget!.. Rob Clutton's Cluttertones are playing tonight at the Tranzac (Brunswick south of Bloor) at 10pm. (Tuesday)

Come and hear if it really is possible to blend bluegrass and free improv!

Also, if you are reading the latest Now Magazine; they published a letter I wrote to the editor about kids entertaiment. (They seem to like me over there as they have published something like five of the last seven letters I wrote)


p.s. this is my 997th post on this blog...stay tuned for info on the 1000th blog-post-party!!!

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