Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Banjoholic...I am, I guess I really am...I don't want to scare people away as I still play lots of guitar and seem to be enjoying that instrument more than ever but the banjo...damn. I can't wait every morning to come downstairs and start practising and then the hours fly away and the kids get home too fast most days.

I have a couple gigs coming up where I am playing some I excited? (note: the first one is tommorrow!)

Bill Wood (avec Moi on banjo and guitar)
Linuxcaffe, (corner of Grace and fave coffee shop too!!)
Thurs June 14, 7pm (one short set)
No Cover charge

The Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Ave (just south of Bloor)
Tues June19th, 10pm
Cover charge: pay what you can

featuring Rob Clutton, Tim Posgate, Lina Allemano Ryan Driver and Anthony Michelli

**ALSO** don't miss my friend Andy Milne's Dapp Theory, Friday June 15 at The Courthouse.

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